All animals deserve a home

A potential adopter meets a cat and instantly falls in love. They read the cat’s bio. Their home would be perfect! They even have another cat who's been needing another feline friend. It’s a match made in heaven.

But then they hear the word “diabetic”. The excitement in their voice quiets down. The sparkle in their eyes begins to fade. Doubt sets in. Suddenly there are new obstacles and concerns. They love the cat. But they can’t see themselves caring for a diabetic cat. The adopter moves on to meet another. Meanwhile, our diabetic cat is left wondering why.

Like us, cats can develop diabetes. But, also like us, their diabetes can be managed with routine treatment and a healthy diet. What’s more, some cats go into remission with proper dieting and care. For someone who enjoys living life according to their own schedule, caring for a diabetic cat would be a breeze.

You can learn all about diabetes in cats here, here, and here.

But we don’t just want to share the info. We want to share the animals. Here are some of our amazing diabetic cats waiting for their humans of habit and punctual pet parents to sweep them off their paws!

Yes, I have diabetes. But does that make me any less fabulous? Well, what do YOU think? I think these beautiful green eyes and this luxurious coat speak for themselves. My humans always pet my coat. They also tell me how pretty I am. Does it go to my head? Yes. Yes it does. Speaking of my head, how about you come scratch it? I love the scratches. Anyways, you think a little thing like diabetes is gonna get me down? Not a chance. Naps, laps, and hunting things on string. Life is good. Now come meet me. Please.

Diabetes? Oh, you mean that silly old thing I've had for a while? That cute little speedbump on an otherwise breezy ride of couch naps and string hunting? Pft. All that means is that I must eat special food at the same time every day. The humans here do this very easily. You could do it too. And really, what’s a little diabetes compared to my fun personality? I’ll keep you on your toes that’s for sure. I love to suddenly jump up from my naps and go on an epic hunt! Will you chase me? I hope so. I’m living in a foster home right now, probably because I am so popular. You can learn more about me here.

I might be diabetic but try finding a more comfortable lap cat. I give the best snuggles, it’s common knowledge in the cat community. Even though most cats will disagree. They’re just jealous. I also happen to be very good at playing. But I get tired because, ahem, if you must know, I prefer to work out at night, while you’re asleep. Or during the day when you’re at work. Basically, whenever you aren’t around to see me do it. But trust me, I'm doing serious workouts. When I’m not working on my guns, I’m enjoying a well-earned snack or catching up on sleep to repair my big muscles. How about you come meet me

These are just some of our diabetic animals looking for a home. With a little practice, a diabetic cat’s treatment can become a part of your daily routine. Our staff will go over everything with you, and will be there to help you before and after adoption of any diabetic cat. For more information on these three animals, or on diabetic cats, we would love to chat with you. Reach out to us at